Sensing Radiation

My world is mapped by Hanford, mapped by radiation, the thing we cannot sense even as we sense it.

Eight Days with Dave

Is a homeless man homeless if he builds a treehouse, if he is your neighbor? Dave Csaky AKA Squirrel Man (named for his animal rescue habits) was a good—though not legal—neighbor. When the City of Seattle nailed an eviction notice to his treehouse, Dave’s world came apart. His story went public, hit a nerve, and engendered all manner of response.

Stuff: An Alphabetical Account of Accumulation

We all have stuff. Most of us are attached to our stuff. Precious objects, family treasures, collectibles, clutter, junk, essentials, excess, stuff from A to Z.

Do This for Your Friend

Learning to care for a friend is not always what you expect.

The Dinner Platter

We follow an entire life—in all the food groups—as we eat through the courses of the dinner platter. Read The Dinner Platter online at APT.

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Earth Is Our First Teacher

Skagit tribal elder Vi Hilbert assigned her friends to write about how the earth is our first teacher. I saw an overworked, overheated earth teaching her first class of the day.

The Disorder

What are you willing to give up in order to take your art to the highest level?

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