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Robert Ray and Jack Remick are generous mentors to hundreds of writers. I am one of those writers. They interviewed me for the resource-rich Bob and Jack’s Writing Blog.

Sunday Ink​

Works by the Uptown Writers is an eclectic, multi-genre anthology of fiction and fairytale, poetry and play, with a touch of memoir and personal narrative. The Uptown Writers—Carol Bolt, Pamela Hobart Carter, Geri Gale, Sandra E. Jones, Susan Knox, Stacy Lawson, Arleen Williams, and Janet Yoder—gather for timed writing practice every Sunday morning. Writing practice means setting the timer and writing continuously, following where the story leads. Sunday Ink is a product of that process.


One month after the book was published, writer and poet Sandra E. Jones (1948–2010) died after battling multiple myelomas. The book is a testament to writing, art, and friendship, as well as a reminder of Sandra’s gifts. 


Sunday Ink: Works by the Uptown Writers
ISBN 9781452835426

Pricilla Long

Priscilla Long is an extraordinary writing teacher. Her book The Writer’s Portable Mentor is an essential tool for writers.

Sunday Ink
The Writer's Portable Mentor, Pricilla Long